The Amirim Honors Program provides a unique curriculum intended for outstanding students, who are interested in the humanities alongside a disciplinary specialization in any of the Hebrew University’s Departments or Schools. It embraces an interdisciplinary approach under the guidance of leading scholars in a variety of fields. The program combines the study of texts from a wide range of world cultures with  exposure to various theoretical approaches. We collaborate with leading universities abroad and offer workshops as well as “Hevruta” study with foreign students.

The Amirim program is unique in several aspects. amirimThe curriculum is composed of a rich selection of courses, designed exclusively for students of the program, who study together in small groups. In addition we offer a choice of courses from the Faculty of the Humanities. A community of students from all disciplines of the university thus emerges, while its members are also free to select courses according to their own interests.Through cooperation with universities abroad, the program integrates its students into wider academic discourses and thus provides them with important linguistic, social, and intellectual skills. Our courses are enriched by interdisciplinary exercises, offered by teaching assistants, who attend the students from a personal as well as intellectual-academic perspective. The students of the program are granted a full tuition scholarship during their three years of study.