The Amirim Honors Program provides a unique curriculum intended for outstanding students, who are interested in the humanities alongside a disciplinary specialization in any of the Hebrew University’s Departments or Schools. It embraces an interdisciplinary approach under the guidance of leading scholars in a variety of fields. The program combines the study of texts from a wide range of world cultures with  exposure to various theoretical approaches. We collaborate with leading universities abroad and offer workshops as well as “Hevruta” study with foreign students.

The Amirim program is unique in several aspects. amirimThe curriculum is composed of a rich selection of courses, designed exclusively for students of the program, who study together in small groups. In addition we offer a choice of courses from the Faculty of the Humanities. A community of students from all disciplines of the university thus emerges, while its members are also free to select courses according to their own interests.Through cooperation with universities abroad, the program integrates its students into wider academic discourses and thus provides them with important linguistic, social, and intellectual skills. Our courses are enriched by interdisciplinary exercises, offered by teaching assistants, who attend the students from a personal as well as intellectual-academic perspective. The students of the program are granted a full tuition scholarship during their three years of study. 


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AMIRIM – Interdisciplinary Honors Program in the Humanities

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Letter from the Head of the Program


Welcome to Amirim, the unique interdisciplinary honors program of the Hebrew University! The program aims to shape Israel’s future leadership in academia, law, industry, business, journalism, education, and communal leadership. Accordingly, we are looking for students who are both outstanding in their academic potential and who are socially committed. We especially hope to see among us students who represent all branches and sectors of Israeli society.

The program seeks to provide its students with a broad, diverse and in-depth education in the humanities. The university fully funds all of the in-class and extramural activities intended for our students. The program is open to all students at the Hebrew University who meet the high admission requirements and who strive to deepen their knowledge in the various fields of knowledge taught in the humanities. We are committed to opening new and stimulating horizons. Therefore, the most exciting lecturers at the Hebrew University teach in the program, sharing their knowledge and experience with the students in the framework of courses especially designed for them. Our program’s uniqueness, when compared to parallel honors programs in Israel and around the world, lies in its proven success in shaping a learning community that works together in joint study of inspiring courses.

The study is based on class discussions, guided reading, and intensive writing in Hebrew and English, as well as the acquisition of a second foreign language (in addition to English). The curriculum is diverse and rich, and it changes every year in accordance with the students’ interests. Alongside the analytical discussion of concepts, ideas, texts and works of art that have shaped Western culture, there is also in-depth study of other global civilizations, including Judaism, Islam, the civilizations of the Indian subcontinent, East Asia, Africa and more. As one who dedicates his academic life to the study of the Ottoman Empire, it is important to me that our students be exposed during their studies to a wide variety of world civilizations.

The teaching method in the program combines study in a classroom setting with experiential, active and creative learning. One of the highlights of the program is a unique seminar based on introductory study and a tour abroad, that takes place in the third year of studies and is fully funded by the university. Our students will travel in the coming years to Venice (2022), Paris (2023), Beijing (2024) and Istanbul (2025). In addition, we encourage our students to participate in exchange programs that are offered by the Hebrew University. While we expect our students to invest their efforts in their academic studies, we equally encourage them to participate in various social activities within and outside the university.

The Amirim program is an outstanding and challenging platform that places the students at the center. It offers the study of the humanities as a dual-major program for students from all faculties of the Hebrew University. The program provides a unique opportunity and opens a door for those who strive to better understand the world in which we live. I invite all of you to join us on a fascinating, inspiring, and challenging journey!

Eyal Ginio  Prof. Eyal Ginio

 Director of the Amirim Honors Program in the Humanities






Special Details

  • amirimTuition scholarship: Amirim students are exempt from tuition for three years.
  • Amirim Club: the club takes place once a month. It is a social and intellectual gatherings of students focusing on lectures, debates, performances or excursions. The students are active participants in selecting the content of the club.
  • Study in English: from their first year in the program, Amirim students engage in discussions in English and submit assignments in English. In their second and third year they also take exclusive Amirim courses in English.
  • International activities: the educational and social climax of the program is, to a large degree, the study tour abroad for third-year students; in recent years, Amirim students have travelled to England and Berlin, and trips to China, India, and Venice are planned for the years ahead. The program also encourages cooperation with universities abroad in order to foster exchanges of views and exposure to different academic discourses. For further details, click here.
  • Extracurricular activities – study tours in Israel, workshops, and seminars.