The Amirim Honors Program provides a unique curriculum intended for outstanding students, who are interested in the Humanities alongside a disciplinary specialization in any of the University’s Departments or Schools. It embraces an interdisciplinary approach under the guidance of leading scholars in a variety of fields. The program combines the study of texts from a wide range of world cultures with  exposure to various theoretical approaches. We collaborate with leading universities abroad and offer workshops as well as “Hevruta” study with foreign students.

The Amirim program is unique in several aspects. The curriculum is composed of a rich selection of courses, designed exclusively for students of the program, who study together in small groups. In addition we offer a choice of courses from the faculty and from the program in Cultural Studies. A community of students from all disciplines of the university thus emerges, while its members are also free to select courses according to their own interests.Through cooperation with universities abroad, the program integrates its students into wider academic discourses and thus provides them with important linguistic, social and intellectual skills. Our courses are enriched by interdisciplinary exercises, offered by teaching assistants, who attend the students from a personal as well as intellectual-academic perspective. The students of the program are granted a full tuition scholarship during their three years of study.

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AMIRIM – Interdisciplinary Honors Program in the Humanities

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Faculty of Humanities
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Letter of the Head of the Program

"This is a very exciting time to be the head of the Amirim program. Last year the program has gone through a thorough reform in various fields and now we are working on further plans for the future.  I am committed to the highest standards of excellence and interdisciplinary studies as well as to fostering a meaningful community and extra-curricular activities.

I have opened up the program to the Faculty of the Humanities and the program of Cultural Studies in the Social Sciences, enabling the Amirim students to take both advanced BA and MA courses of their choice. After studying two years of exclusive courses in a broad range of subjects in the humanities, the students are thus encouraged to create their individual path of study.

I have been particularly occupied with establishing cooperation with universities abroad in order to broaden the students’ horizons and provide them with a meaningful experience of other academic communities. This year I will take the third year students to Oxford University for a student workshop on “Sources of Moral Authority”, which I plan together with my colleague Prof. Teresa Morgan. Thus far it has already been much fun to plan a common curriculum – I imagine that it will be even much more rewarding to actually meet our partners over there. In addition, I am planning a pilot in co-teaching via skype. My colleague Prof. Laura Nasrallah from the Harvard Divinity School and I discovered that our courses on early Christianity significantly overlap and decided to give the students a joint assignment, which they will discuss in 'mixed' pairs over the skype.

Generally, I tremendously enjoy working with the teachers, teaching assistants and students in the program. Everybody is so excited to be part of Amirim and there is a never-ending flow of energy, ideas and fruitful suggestions."

Prof. Maren Niehoff

Maren Niehoff (Head of the Amirim Program 2014-7)

Special Details

  • Tuition scholarship: admitted students are exempt from tuition for three years.
  • Amirim Club: social and intellectual gathering of students, teachers and alumni of the program. The programs include lectures, discussions, performances and excursions in various subjects. The assemblies take place regularly every month and participation is obligatory. The students are active participants in the creation of the programs.
  • Study in English: from their first year in the program the Amirim students engage in discussions in English and submit assignments in English. In their second and third year they also take exclusive Amirim courses in English.
  • International Cooperation: the program encourages cooperation with universities abroad in order to foster exchanges of views and exposure to different academic discourses. For details, see  “International Cooperation”.
  • Amirim in the community: a volunteering framework organized by the community of the students. At the moment students are assisting students with high academic potential, who are residents of one of Jerusalem’s economically disadvantaged neighborhoods.
  • Extra curricular activities – study tours in Israel and abroad, workshops and seminars.