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Ms. Tsipi Bibelnik, Secretary of the Amirim Program

Office Hours: Sun. 11:30-14:30, Mon.-Thurs. 10:00-13:00, Humanities 4303

Phone: +972-2-5880031     Fax: +972-2-5881890

Mr. Amit Kestenbaum, Program Advisor

This Year's Faculty

Ronnie Agassi

Ms. Ronnie Agassi
Ronnie Agassi is a Ph.D candidate in the Department of Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, studies Ottoman history and is interested in the influence of …
yigal bronner new

Prof. Yigal Bronner
Yigal Bronner teaches and writes about Sanskrit poetry and poetic theory and about South Asian intellectual history.
itamar dubinsky

Dr. Itamar Dubinsky
Dr. Itamar Dubinsky researches and teaches on politics, society, culture, and development in Africa.
Odeya Eshel

Ms. Odeya Eshel
Odeya Eshel is a doctoral student in the Department of Comparative Religion.
noam gal

Dr. Noam Gal
Dr. Noam Gal, contemporary art and photography curator, lecturer at the Art History department, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 
Orna Naftali

Dr. Orna Naftali
Dr. Orna Naftali is Director of the Louis Frieberg Center for East Asian Studies and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Asian Studies at HU.
Yakir Paz

Dr. Yakir Paz
Yakir Paz is a lecturer in the departments of Talmud and Classics at the Hebrew University.

Prof. Moshe Sluhovsky

Moshe Sluhovsky is a Professor of modern European history in the Department of History.
Naly  Thaler

Dr. Naly Thaler

 Dr. Naly Thaler, Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Hebrew University