Second Essay Contest 2020/21

The winning essay in the third essay contest was "'As latkes between the bubbles': On food, memory and revolt in Shaul Tchernichovsky's idyll 'Levivot'" by Neta Goldfein (class of 2022). Neta chose to donate the 1,000 shekel prize to the "Her Academy" organization. The full essay (in Hebrew) is available at the bottom of the page.


Here are a few words from Neta about the "Her Academy" organization:


I chose to donate the reward to the non-profit organization "Her Academy". "Her Academy" constructs and operates professional training programs in various fields – a safe and accessible learning space, fitted for anyone who identifies as a woman transitioning out of prostitution and abuse, from any racial or religious background. Furthermore, "Her Academy" work to reincorporate the survivors in the labor market, and lead and support a change in policy and legislation for people in prostitution.

Why I chose "Her Academy": Recently (December 2020), a law has been passed in Israel giving survivors of prostitution and human trafficking a chance to request an official pardon and elimination of criminal record, in order to regain their innocence and facilitate their reincorporation in the labor market. While this is a very important step, it is far from enough. The activists in "Her Academy" provide the survivors with practical trainings and support in occupational placement, in the belief that anyone is entitled to financial independence, self fulfilment and work in a supporting environment, free of any form of violence. The organization's work creates real change in the world, and so I am grateful for the opportunity to assist it.


Thank you to the judging committee - Amir Horowitz (class of 2023), Eilam lavy (class of 2022), and Noga Arian (class of 2021) - and to the contest organizer, Nitay Askenasy (class of 2021)!