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Ms. Tsipi Bibelnik, Secretary of the Amirim Program

Office Hours: Sun. 11:30-14:30, Mon.-Thurs. 10:00-13:00, Humanities 4303

Phone: +972-2-5880031     Fax: +972-2-5881890

Mr. Amit Kestenbaum, Program Advisor

Dr. Naly Thaler

Naly  Thaler

 Dr. Naly Thaler, Lecturer, Department of Philosophy, Hebrew University

Areas of interest: Ancient Philosophy, especially epistemology, psychology and ethics in Plato and Arsitotle


פרסומים לדוגמה:


‘Taking the Syllable Apart: the Theaetetus on Elements and Knowledge’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 42 (2011), 201-228.


‘Plato on the Importance of ‘This’ and ‘That’: The Flux Theory in the Theaetetus and its Refutation’, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 45 (2013), 1-42.


‘Plato on the Philosophical Benefits of Musical Education’, Phronesis 60 (2015), 410-435.


‘Perception and Knowledge in Plato's Theaetetus’, Philosophy Compass 11, (2016) 160-167.


‘Judgment, Logos, and Knowledge in Plato's Theaetetus’, forthcoming in Philosophy Compass.


‘Learning to Read the Small Letters in Republic Book 2’, forthcoming in Apeiron.