Fourth Essay Contest 2019/20

The winning submission in the fourth - and final - essay contest (June 2020) was "Testing the Sincerity of a Relationship: Evaluating Love with Bureaucratic Tools," by Yarden Lichterman, class of 2021.

The full essay (in Hebrew) is available at the bottom of the page.


Yarden chose to donate the prize money to the Achoti (Sister) - For Women in Israel organization. The organization works to promote the visibility of transparent women in Israeli society. It emphasizes the economic, social, and cultural empowerment of excluded women and the creation of a value-based and practical partnership between them. The organization was founded by Mizrachi feminist activisits with the goal of raising issues of economic and social justice and working to build a non-violent feminist society integrated within the larger Middle East.


Thank you to the judging committee - Klil Shilo (class of 2020), Or Aroch (class of 2021), and Romi Volokh (class of 2022) - and to the contest organizer, Orielle Levy (class of 2020)!