Special Details

  • Tuition scholarship: Amirim students are exempt from tuition for three years.
  • Amirim Club: social and intellectual gatherings of students, teachers and alumni of the program. The programs include lectures, discussions, performances and excursions in various subjects. The Amirim Club takes place every month and participation is obligatory. The students are active participants in the creation of the programs.
  • Study in English: from their first year in the program, Amirim students engage in discussions in English and submit assignments in English. In their second and third year they also take exclusive Amirim courses in English.
  • International activities: the educational and social climax of the program is, to a large degree, the study tour abroad for third-year students; in recent years, Amirim students have travelled to England and Berlin, and trips to China, India, and Venice are planned for the years ahead. The program also encourages cooperation with universities abroad in order to foster exchanges of views and exposure to different academic discourses. For further details, click here.
  • Extracurricular activities – study tours in Israel, workshops, and seminars.