International Cooperation

The Amirim Program fosters cooperation with universities abroad and is happy to expose its students to different academic discourses, in order to enable students from various intellectual backgrounds to meet and exchange views on issues of common interest to both communities.

      University of Oxford     

Student workshop at Oxford University.

During March 2016 our third year students will go to Oriel College, Oxford, and present 15 min papers at a workshop on “Sources of Moral Authority – now and then, here and there”. Thus far it has already been great fun to design a common curriculum for the preparatory courses at both ends and we look forward to hearing the papers!

      University of Harvard  Study via skype with Harvard University.

During the summer semester of 2016 the freshman class on Early Christianity will establish contact with a similar course at Harvard Divinity school. Students from both universities will be asked to read the same literature and discuss it with their assigned partner from abroad. In this way students of different religious backgrounds will get a first hand understanding of other cultural sensibilities and other academic socializations.