International Activities

As part of their concluding workshop, third-year Amirim students participate in a study tour abroad: in recent years, students travelled to England (2018) and Berlin (2019) - and trips to China (2020), India (2021), and Venice (2022) are planned for the years ahead. These trips, which are coordinated and led by senior lecturers in the program, represent an educational - and also social - climax, integrating themes from a wide range of Amirim courses, while marking, for students, the culmination of three years of intense study together.

In addition, the Amirim program fosters cooperation with universities abroad and is happy to expose its students to different academic discourses, in order to enable students from various intellectual backgrounds to meet and exchange views on issues of common interest to both communities. In recent years, third-year Amirim students travelled to Oriel College, Oxford to present papers at workshops on moral authority (2016) and the individual and society (2017). The program also encourages third-years students to spend a semester abroad in student exchange programs.