First Year amirim pic

Interdisciplinary courses (e.g. Indian Religion and Philosophy, Biblical Literature: Text and Context)

Academic Writing in English (course specifically geared to Amirim students)

Study of a foreign language (introductory level)

Second Year

Interdisciplinary courses (e.g. Listening to Music, Scientific Thought in its Social Context)

Seminar paper

Study of a foreign language (advanced level)

Third Year 

Interdisciplinary courses (e.g. Censorship and Iconoclasm, Sociology of Law)

Advanced-level courses from the Faculty of the Humanities

Concluding Workshop, including travel abroad. The workshop is, to a large degree, the educational climax of the program, integrating themes from a wide range of Amirim courses - and for students, the culmination of three years of intense study together.

Seminar paper

* Third-year students are further encouraged to spend one semester abroad in student exchange programs.